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Server Updates!!

Redjaffas a posted Nov 23, 11
The server is currently being made by me the owner.

I will keep you posted on whats happening with the server
and if you have any ideas for the server like what we should 
add to the map PM me.  

I will tell you if i like the creation
and if you would like to help pm me agin please and also 
go to recruitment if you would like to help with the website or with the server .

THX Redjaffas
Please donate we are doing the monthly plan first which is $9.96 a month so please help to keep up the site

We are here to help

pandadude123 a posted Nov 21, 11

Hi and welcome to Enjin! Thank you for creating a website here and we hope you enjoy our service. If you need any help to get you started quickly, we provide Live Chat Help, just click support then choose Live Help and someone will help you instantly.

If we are not online please visit our forums for some friendly support. You can also submit a support request anytime.

This module is not available
[link] No, you have it wrong. THIS is the REAL PoisonCraft Website. We have people from ours joining yours by accident. So don't get too confident.
[link] The real website of poisoncraft
ill give 30$ to who finds out how to get me back on PLZ!!!!!!!
its up and i got good conection but every time it keeps saying 'end of stream'
lilas put the server upo plz
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